Orange County is now calling school clinics “health rooms.” The school has responsibility for First Aid Only. In case of illness, the student will be cared for until the parent arrives or the student is returned to class. 

In case of minor injury, attention will be given, and the student will return to class. 

In the event of head lice, you will be contacted immediately with instructions for treatment. The district maintains a “no-nit” policy on all students.


School Board policy prohibits the dispensing of medicine to students without written authorization from parents. This form is available in the office. 

When sending medication to school, it must be in a properly labeled prescription bottle (recent date, child’s name, directions for giving, and physician’s name), accompanied by the completed authorization form. 

A new form is required whenever there is any change in your child’s medication. Only designated school staff may dispense medication to your child.

Non-prescription medicine also requires the written authorization form. The medicine must be properly labeled and in the original bottle.

Students are not allowed to self-medicate ANY ITEMS, INCLUDING aspirin, cough drops and medicated creams while at school. However, parents may come to school to administer medication. Please keep us up-to-date on telephone numbers.


 MRSA Facts

 MRSA Facts