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We know that students sometimes have questions about their schools, district rules and life after graduation. This page is designed with you in mind! You can find out about lunch menus, dress code, scholarship information and opportunities in Career and Technical Education.

We also have provided links to other sites that may help you in your academic career. Whether it's preparing for the FCAT or using the resources available from the Orange County Library System, the information you need is only a click away!

Kid-Safe Search Engines

Yippy - This site gives good results for school assignments. It has advertisements. 
RefSeek - A good search engine for school research. It is free of advertisements. 
I'mHalah - A search engine with results consistent with Muslim values. It returns good kidsafe results and is free of advertising. 
Sweet Search - This is a search engine which searches sites which have been approved by researchers. The results screen is rather cluttered, and it is very easy to get directed to Finding Dulcinea which the parent of the Sweet Search site. 
GoGooligans - This site uses Google technology, but is not by Google. It offers filtered searches for young people with options for acceptable sites for younger and older students. It has lots of Google ads. 
Ask Kids - Questions can be asked in sentence form, and the number of results is reasonable but not overwhelming for students. It has advertisements. 
Quintura Kids - This is a site which more for browsing than for searching. It is not the place to go for homework, but it is good for casual searching. No ads.