Due to requirements placed on the schools by Florida Statutes Chapter 232.22 (2), the following policy regarding medications dispensed at School must be enforced. 

Periodically, parents/guardians and physicians request that the student take medications during school hours.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to develop a schedule so that the necessity for taking medications at school will be minimized or eliminated. Herbal, vitamin, and aspirin products require a prescription from the healthcare provider. 

All medications shall be delivered to the Health Room with the following information on the current pharmacy container for prescription medications and in the factory sealed container for non-prescription medication: 

  1. Name and purpose of medication
  2. Time the medication is to given
  3. Specific instructions on the administration of the medication
  4. Physician name and phone number required for prescriptions
  5. Pharmacy name and phone number
  6. Approximate duration of medication, i.e., end of school year/10days, etc., and possible side effects are to be listed on the Medication Authorization form.

Parents/guardians must bring all medications in the most current labeled container. An herbal, vitamin, and aspirin product requires a prescription from the healthcare provider.

Parents/guardians will be required to fill out a Medication Authorization form before medication can be dispensed.  If there is no medication authorization form, the medication will not be dispensed. Any medication brought to school without a Medication Authorization form will be held by the School Nurse/Health Room Assistant.  An attempt will be made to contact the parent. Notes from home will not be accepted as authorization for dispensing medication. This applies to all prescription and non-prescription medication.

For safety and security reasons, medications must be transported to and from school by the parent/guardian.  Do not send medication to school with the child or siblings. 

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. We know that you can appreciate this necessity as it deals with the safety of our students receiving medication in our school.